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The Dilemma:

Skins, we all like skins - that's the problem. Anyone who plays Quake 2 for instance will know that there is a whole multitude of them to choose from, some might say too many. At the time of this sites incarnation Kingpin had been available for about two months and already had over one hundred and fifty different add-on skins available. Three months on and that number has grown to almost four hundred so which ones to choose? The trouble is that this is only half the problem because even when you have made your choice the chances are that few people will actually be able to see it. You see once you have selected your own special skin it's only available for other players to view if they also have downloaded and installed the same one.

To make matters worse it has been estimated that within another six months there could be as many as one thousand different ones to choose from!!!

So what can you do? I guess you could put aside an evening a week to download all the latest stuff so that you are always up to date but do really want umpteen megabytes of your hard drive filled up with data (and from what I have seen so far there is more then a fair share of dross out there) on the off chance that maybe one of your fellow players may be using one? I for one would rather be spending my on-line time actually playing the game but don't despair, there IS another way - and you have just found it!!!


The Solution:

Well I had the Idea that why not get the players of Kingpin to actually vote on what their favourite skin is? I could compile a 'Top 30' updated on a regular basis of essential skins. That way once you had initially downloaded your first 'batch' it would be much easier to keep your skin databases up to date with all the current stuff - the good stuff.

Look at it this way: Would you rather download 30 skins now safe in the knowledge that your fellow gamers would mostly be using the same ones or download hundreds just on the off chance?

Enter the Skin Bank: No flashy graphics, no annoying music and certainly no adverts - just pure unadulterated around the clock Kingpin skinning fun!

I rest my case ;-)


The Resource:

About a fortnight after this site first went live I had the idea of putting up the 'Your Skins' section for my fellow UK gamers to display and share their efforts.

This has been a staggering success. Within three months we had over seventy entries and this figure is still growing by the day.

Then it was suggested to me that I might consider a UK Clan skins section- so I obliged :)


The Future:

Now let's get one thing straight here - I never dreamt that the Skin Bank would become so popular. It gives me a real boost to receive such complimentary feedback as I do too - only today I received a letter saying "the Skin Bank is the best feature of Kingpin" (thanks Swiss) and it's thanks to support like that that I would like to make an important announcement...

Up until now the Skin Bank has been the exclusive preserve of UK gamers - only ever being advertised on UK web sites. Well I would now like to announce that we are going International - The Skin Bank is now officially open...... WORLD WIDE!

From now on the Skin Bank will be pleased to accept and display Kingpin skins from the four corners of the earth - whether they be personal or Clan related.

The moto is - If you've got a Skin, then send it in!

Regards & Thanks

Cookie Monster


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