Clan Skins!


It had to happen!

With the tremendous growth of Kingpin it was only a matter of time before the Clan scene would start to evolve.

When posting me your Clan Skin please be sure to include all relevant information such as the model that the skin is for (ie. thug, runt, bitch), the name of your Clan and optionally the URL for your Clan website if you would like to be linked from the Skin Bank.

Please submit your Clan Skins here


(Last Updated 17/05/2000)

(For help on installing Kingpin skins please click here)


K FLINT'S Fuel Injected 'CLAN-IN-ONE' download!!!

If you have only a few of the above skins or maybe none at all then this could be for you. I've created a zip file (14.6mb) containing ALL of the above Clan Skins - what couldn't be easier?

Simply download the file from here and copy the entire contents of each sub-folder to the normal Kingpin skins folders.

Please be aware that you may already have some of the above skins from previous downloads here or elsewhere. In this instance when you copy the files across you may get a prompt asking whether or not you wish to overwrite a previously existing file. In this instance I would recommend that you answer 'yes' to overwrite existing files thus ensuring that you have the latest edition of that particular skin.

(Please note: For even greater convenience I've already copied the 'Runt Legs' files into the 'thug' folder in all of the above downloads)

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