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[69] The 69ers Aka BLacK PoPe
[AHM] The Ant Hill Mob Bagman Central 2000
[ANGEL-KP] The Fallen Angels Downtown Map Archive
[bM] Black Magic ebandit
[BR] Blood Relatives Evilbunnies Modellers Resource Page
[BW] Bwanna GSXR Clan + Themes & Schemes!
[CC] Commando Clan
[CGF] Casino Goodfellas KINGPINLOC
[CKK] Chi Klan Killers Kingpin Crime Inc.
[DP] Delta Prime Kingpin Slums
[FBI] The FBI Kingpin World UK
{FIS} Forged In Sheffield millymog
[F.uc.K] Official Kingpin Site
[GbH] Gangstas Born Hating Online Gaming League
[GDC] Grave Diggers Clan Planet Kingpin
[HA] Hells Angels Poisonville
[HDK] Heavy Duty Killing Synchroplay
[JBG] Johnny B'Goods Boyz The CLQ
[K] Kripz UK Kingpin Webring
[kray] The Krays Westside
[LAZY] Lazy Clan Wireplay
[LSM] Little Sisters of Mercy Wireplay Kingpin League Central
[Mama] Ya Mama Xatrix Home
[MAF] Mad As Fuck
[mash] mashheads
[MUA] Merseyside Underworld Alliance
[OBC] Original Bearded Clan
[nWo] New World Order
[PHX] PHoeniX
[PR] Protektion Racket
[PS] P Shirts
[R] Radioactives
[ROC] Rhythms Of Crime
[RW] Rogue Warriors
[SPAM] ClanSpam
[UW] Urban Warfare
[XPD] eXPedient Demise


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