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2nd November 2000

HI THERE, HOW ARE YA? (been a long time!!!!!)

I'm not really sure what to say here except that I'm sooooooooooooo sorry that this site hasn't been updated for so long. Due to unforseen personal circumstances I simply havn't had the time to keep it updated but thats all going to change very soon. I have a massive amount of new skins and models to upload and will start this huge task as soon as I possibly can so please don't think that I have abandoned the site because I havn't. There have been a lot of changes in the Kingpin community since this site was last updated and a lot of good people have left but rest assured that the Skin Bank has come this far and will be here till the end :)

Thanks for your patience.


11th June 2000


Worry not though because I, the Cookie Monster have taken the hot seat!

Look for my first updates very soon :)


17th May 2000

I name today 'Clan Skins' day!

Ten new Clan's have just been added to the Clan Skins page: {BEER}, *FQ*, [HuRT], [IDS], [MI], [MDK], [MED], [POW], [RMA] & *UK*

But that's not all... Just updated [CGF], [F.uc.K], [K], {NBK}, [RW], [UW] & [XPD] Clan Skins too!

As ever the 'CLAN-IN-ONE' download has been updated to reflect all of these changes :)


8th May 2000

EPIC!!! The Skin Bank bounces back big stylee!!! Check these THIRTY SEVEN new 'Your Skins' I've just added:

Jock (thug), Kryten (thug), Greensking (thug), Sarge (thug), Victus$ (thug), Wonton$ (thug), The Bucked Tooth Wonder (thug), A$H (bitch), Vita (bitch), Che (bitch), Celtic F.C. (bitch), $lipKnot Guy (thug), [CGF]$lipKnot (thug), [FUC]ME (thug), [FUC]ALL (thug), Mad-Gaz (thug), SS004 (bitch), Camper Scout (thug), Shocker (thug), AT-AT Pilot (thug), Robocop (thug), Bruce Lee (thug), Biggs Darklighter (thug), Chewbacca (thug), Stan Marsh (thug), Han Solo (thug), Philip (thug), Terence (thug), Kyle (thug), Mr Garrison (thug), Kenny (thug), Cartman Original (runt), Cartman Beefcake (runt), Authoritaaaa (runt), Gammorean Guard (runt), Thing (runt) & finally The Kingpin (runt)

PHEW, I'm off for a lie down ;)


5th May 2000

We have a FORUM!!! Those cooler then cool cats over at clan {MAF} are kindly hosting forums for worthwhile causes in the Kingpin world. The list is growing daily so check em all out here

Nice 1 :)


26th April 2000

FINALLY an update... AND WHAT AN UPDATE IT IS!!! Not just new skins but an ENTIRLY NEW MODEL has just been added to the Skin Bank. Please click here to welcome ANTHEA then download three extra skins already made for her - Mistress #1, Mistress #2 & Villa Anthea!!!

Stay tuned because I have a SHED LOAD of new skins to get uploaded here in the coming weeks. (I'll try not to leave it so long next time!!!)


20th April 2000

Major apoligies for the lack of updates here just recently. Watch this space though because something HUGE is on the horizon!


10th March 2000

Twenty tasty new 'Your Skins' just added - check em:

Super (runt), Celtic Home (thug), Prada (thug), Bones (bitch), Jolly Roger (thug), Plumster (thug), SkunkPipe (thug), Chemistro (thug), Cyclops (thug), Tuvok (thug), Ensign Kim (thug), Disilussion (bitch), Bad TV Bitcher (bitch), Speedball (thug), Psymile (thug), Gladiator (thug), Ice (thug), Icy (thug), Tick Blue (thug) & finally Tick Purple (thug)


9th March 2000

Sorry about the lack of updates here lately. Due to other commitments the Skin Bank has had to take a back seat but now we're back in business again :)

Just added Prime[8], [CKE], [HDK], [IBC], [TCC] & [TFI] Clan Skins and also updated the [CGF], {NBK}, [nWo] & {UK} ones. The 'CLAN-IN-ONE' download has also been updated to include all of these changes.

Also just added, updated & removed certain addys on the 'Links' Page.


18th February 2000

WOOHOO!!! What a month February is turning out to be.... just added a further TWENTY SIX new 'Your Skins' bringing the total for February so far to a staggering sixty five!!!

Check em: Keith Flint (thug), Coco (thug), Tigger (thug), Saboteur (thug), Hotshot (thug), Spw (thug), Camper (thug), Assassin (thug), Ez rider (thug), Joe Pineapples (thug), NRG (thug), Terminator Q3 (thug), Sandman (thug), Sector 943 (thug), Blackburn Rovers 'Home' (thug), Boy Wonder (thug), Buzz Lightyear (thug), Dennis The Menace (thug), Punk Rocker (thug), PR Skeleton (thug), Fallout (thug), Beast (bitch), The Moving Target (runt) & finally The Freak Twins (runts)

And that's not all.... Just added {UK} & updated [F.uc.K] & {NBK} Clan Skins plus the 'CLAN-IN-ONE download too!


17th February 2000

Added some more general links & updated the 'Kingpin BB' menu link to point to the new message board. (The other one was getting a bit overcrowded hence slowing the whole system down)


12th February 2000

Another great day for the Skin Bank.... just added another thirteen new 'Your Skins'.... Freddie Mercury (thug), Jorg Albertz (thug), Optimus Prime & Megatron (thugs), Doctor Doom (thug), Ironman (thug), Wolverine (thug), Villa Home (thug), Villa Away (thug), Villa Home (bitch), Villa Away (bitch), Villa Home (runt) & Villa Away (runt)

Also updated {FIS}, [GSXR] & [SD] Clan Skins as well as the 'CLAN-IN-ONE' download file to bring it bang up to date.


11th February 2000

Added various links to the 'Links Page' - where else? :)


4th February 2000

What a day for the Skin Bank.... TWENTY SIX new 'Your Skins' added.... check em:

Fetish (bitch), Sting (thug), Firestar (bitch), Superman 2000 (thug), Father Jack (thug), Ernie (thug), Bert (thug), Ronald (thug), Elvis The King (thug), Major Chip Hazzard (thug), The Darkside (thug), Pimp Superfly (thug), STALKER (thug), Slap Head (bitch), Blue Hell (bitch), Bondage Bitch (bitch), Grunt (runt), Casper The Ghost (runt), Pamela Anderson (bitch), Patriot Thug (thug), Austin Powers Thug (thug), Indiana Jones (thug), Giordi (thug), Power Ranger (thug), Turtles (thug) & Planet of the Apes (thug)

PHEW!!! :)


3rd February 2000

More Clan Skin's updated. This time it's [B-R], [kray] & [UW]. As ever the 'CLAN-IN-ONE' download has been updated as well to include these changes.


2nd February 2000

[UW] Clan Skins Updated.

Added [69], [bM], [F.uc.K], [JKL], [nWo], [PR], [PS] & [RW] Clan Skins. Also updated the 'CLAN-IN-ONE' download to reflect these additions & changes.


26th January 2000

Not much has happened here in the last few days due to other Kingpin comitments however my 'inbox' is close to overflowing point with new skins so will try to get some updates done here in a few days time.

Just added, deleted & updated various links on the Links Page to be going on with.


12th January 2000

Three new 'Your Skins' added: Bumblebee (thug), Cyclops (thug) & Mr T (runt)


11th January 2000

Added [AHM], GSXR, [MAF] & [spam] Clan Skins.

Updated [CGF], [GbH] & [XPD] Clan Skins with new additions.

Updated the 'CLAN-IN-ONE' download to reflect all of these chnages.

Added some new Link's and amended some broken ones too, all on the 'Links Page' suprisingly enough!


6th January 2000

Added three new 'Your Skins' - Fred Flintstone (thug), Death Maul (thug) & Obsessed (thug)


5th January 2000

Setup a new domain name for the Skin Bank ( ) but if you have already linked to us from your own site or indeed bookmarked the Skin Bank in your browser there is no need to worry. The normal address/location of the Skin Bank hasn't changed at all. The idea of the new addy was to simplify an otherwise tedious URL. All that happens if you use the new address is that you automatically get re-directed to the normal location. It just makes it all easier to remember for when you want to TELL YOUR FRIENDS about the Skin Bank :)

I have finally, after much deliberation, added a Guestbook to the Skin Bank. Please take the time to check it out and leave any comments that you deem suitable!


29th December 1999

It appears that yesterday's email problems are now sorted so all links have now been changed back to the regular address. If you should experience any further difficulties please don't hesitate to use the address posted yesterday.

Five new 'Your Skins' added... Designer Thug, Designer Bitch, Famous Heads (thug), Frank N Furter (thug) & Union Jack Duke (thug)

Added a new Clan Skin [VTM]. Also updated the 'CLAN-IN-ONE' download to include this file.


28th December 1999

Added four new Clan Skins: {FIS}, [LSM], [SM] & (TSV) and also updated the 'CLAN-IN-ONE' download to reflect these additions.

Updated the Links page with three new links!

Experiencing email problems. Please use this temporary address for all correspondence until further notice.


21st December 1999

Added six new 'Your Skins'... Steevee (thug), The Joker (thug), The Company (thug), Partick Thistle (thug), Leela (bitch) & Psycho Santa (runt)

Updated the 'Clan Skins' page with revised [CGF] & [XPD] skin packs & also added [PD] Clan skins. Also updated the 'CLAN-IN-ONE' download to reflect these new additions.


18th December 1999

The revamped Skin Bank goes live to the world!!!

Joined the UK Kingpin Webring!


17th December 1999

Finally added previews to five long standing 'Your Skins'... Michael Myers (thug), BLacK PoPe 1 (thug), BLacK PoPe 2 (thug), The Crow (thug) & Mad Frankie (runt)

This means that all 72 'Your Skins' now have previews!!!


16th December 1999

Made a temporary change to the 'Top 30' page. It seems that Westside are having difficulties again so I've decided to host the Top 30 myself thus ensuring trouble free downloading 24 hours a day. At this moment in time that means that the previews of these particular skins have had to go but in time I shall put up my own previews.

Tidied up the Clan Skins page with 'buttons' to link to the Clan skin downloads in place of the old hyperlinks. Havn't got around to doing previews of all of the Clan skins yet but this will come in time.

Finally got around to adding the 'CLAN-IN-ONE' download which has been promised for so long. Basically what this means is that ALL the Clan skins are now available in one easy download!


15th December 1999

Finally added a links page :)


14th December 1999

Converted the 'Your Skins' section and all the associated links to the new look.


13th December 1999

Made the decision to make the Skin Bank International and not just the preserve of UK gamers.

Renamed the site from 'The Wireplay / Kingpin Skin Bank' to 'K Flint's Kingpin Skin Bank'

Also decided that a face lift was needed so designed a new background, experimented with new colours then finally started to implement the new colour scheme.

Updated the 'Top 30' page with the new look as well as all the sub-pages.

Reviewed the text on the entire site and re-wrote where necessary.


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