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On this page you have the opportunity to vote for a current skin for inclusion into the Top 30, submit your own creation or simply suggest anything that may be of benefit to this site.

The problem with Kingpin skins is that already there are different skins with the same names for different models created by different authors!

For instance there is a 'Leatherface' skin for the 'Thug' model and a 'Leatherface' skin for the 'Runt' model (the latter being far and away the most faithful) both created by different people so with this in mind there are three things that I need to know in order to keep proper track of what's what:

1) The name of the skin: eg. LARA CROFT

2) The model for the skin: eg. Thug

3) The name of the author: eg. Trinity

Only if I'm given ALL of the above can I be sure that everything will be accurate so please consider this when submitting.

Additionally if you wish to submit your own skin for inclusion on this site then there is another rule that MUST be followed.

When giving your skin a filename it is ESSENTIAL that you use a filename extension that hasn't already been taken by someone else. You can check to see whether your's is free or not by clicking here

If any of the above criteria are not met then I will have no option but to return the skin.

Finally please remember that if you are VOTING for a Top 30 skin to only mail me the relevant information and NOT the actual skin itself. Have some mercy on my mailbox - it's near to breaking point as it is ;-)

Please submit your skins, comments and suggestions here


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